Restoration: Dover Castle
A team of English Heritage historians recently spent two years researching what the inside of the 12th-century royal palace at Dover Castle would have looked like; a monumental task because there is no historical or archaeological record of how the building would have been decorated and furnished in medieval times. Therefore, researchers had to scour hundreds of British and continental sources to work out how a typical royal palace of the period might have looked.

Based on their findings, English Heritage commissioned a group of 141 craftsmen and artisans, including embroiderers, weavers, seamstresses, carpenters, cabinet makers, potters, glass blowers, blacksmiths, silversmiths and armourers, who recreated over a thousand artefacts, fixtures and fittings. It is the largest historically researched medieval recreation ever attempted in Britain.

Cobalt Blacksmiths were commissioned to recreate a number of items of door furniture throughout the castle, some of which are illustrated here.